Disaster! Can your business survive?

Be Prepared! A business’s capability to respond to, and recover after, a disaster can be the difference between a company that survives a catastrophe and one that becomes a casualty of it. From hardware failure to a natural disaster, ERGOS’ Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solutions help reduce the risk and impact a disaster may have on your company.

ERGOS’ Disaster Recovery Solutions will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing your company is prepared for the worst. We tailor our recovery solutions to your priorities, concerns, and risks so you can reassure your clients that your company will be able to assist them in a time of crisis.

Web Portal

Allowing you to keep in touch with your employees and upload critical documents to be accessed anytime, anywhere


You have the ability to send emails to any valid email address.

Instant Messaging Portal

The instant messaging portal lets you communicate live with your employees no matter where they are located.

Phone Solutions

If a disaster strikes causing you to lose power in your building and your phone systems go down, you and your employees will still be able to stay connect with our Disaster Recovery Soft Phone. As long as you have a computer with internet connection you have the ability to answer calls and listen to voicemail.

Recovery of Failed Virtual Servers

When a disaster occurs it can sometimes take several days or even weeks before you get the replacement hardware to get up and running again. But ERGOS’ disaster recovery solutions allow you to be up and running again within hours.

Secure Offsite Data Storage

With this approach, all client data is backed up both locally and offsite in two separate locations across the country to ensure that your data is safe and secure in the event of a disaster.

24×7 Monitoring & Management

You can count on ERGOS to proactively monitor and manage your backup solutions to minimize downtime and keep your systems up-to-date and running efficiently. You will no longer have to worry about your data being at risk.

Cloud IT, Cloud Computing Solutions

With state of the art Cloud IT, Cloud computing from ERGOS, you will have unmatched data, application and systems backup and recovery capabilities. High availability redundancy and unmatched cloud infrastructure mean your systems will be up and stay up!

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