Schools, Churches and non-profit organizations play a crucial role in educating today’s youth. Why should the technology they use be any less than a Fortune 500 company? ERGOS has been helping non-profits and schools integrate the latest technology into the classroom for over 12 years.

Computers have been integrated into school curriculum for years. Students are learning the desktop applications used in business as early as Kindergarten. ERGOS can help make the classroom and the educator’s IT environment fast, reliable and up to date in a cost effective way! Let ERGOS’ Managed IT Services staff manage your non-profit or educational facility IT services today.

Why Non-Profit/Education Value ERGOS Technology Services?

ERGOS provides managed IT services Dallas, managed IT services Houston, managed IT services Austin, managed IT services Dubai, VMware and Cloud IT solutions to meet your nonprofit and education technology needs. For consulting services, or immediate assistance, Contact ERGOS today.