Legal IT Services

Technology has become critical to the success of law firms. Without secure, reliable, integrated Information Technology, the practice of law today is essentially not possible.

ERGOS Technology specializes in legal firm IT support. With dozens of law firm clients, deeply experienced consultants, and specialized legal software support capability, ERGOS meets the unique requirements and high expectations of attorneys and their support staff. We understand legal firm IT needs. more

Legal Firm Software

We have specific expertise with practice, case management, time and document management applications which provide attorneys with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information, including contacts, calendaring, documents, and other specifics by facilitating automation in law practices. Management software is used to share information with other attorneys in the firm and prevents duplicate data entry in conjunction with billing programs and data processors.

We are certified Worldox document management systems resellers and offer broad document management support and solutions. More on legal software support

Legal Software and Device Integration

Legal software now offers additional accessibility by connecting staff and attorneys through the web, smart-phones, tablets and PDA’s so that calendars, schedules and other vital information is readily available. However, making the integrations required is sometime complex and problematic. We provide legal IT integration solutions to make your practice management, document management and mobile devices play well together!  More on systems and software integration

Legal Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services include Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™ and network infrastructure projects. Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™ allows you to know your flat fee monthly IT services costs while your technology is efficient and running without problems so you can focus on the practice of law.

Legal Firm Cloud IT Services

Say goodbye to server upgrades, license fees, warranty expirations and data backup worries by outsourcing your legal IT services to ERGOS. Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud and dissolve it as a source of headache and concern. Get built-in, seamless backup and disaster recovery. More on cloud solutions for legal firms

For legal solutions and specialized effective help with your legal firm IT services, cloud IT, or VMware needs in Houston, Dallas or Austin call us at 877-993-7467, in Houston directly at 713-621-9220, or Contact Us for more information.