Is your hardware and software up to date?

Have your servers, workstations, and other technology devices been around for a while? These systems do not last forever, and it is more cost effective to have fast, reliable systems than to keep older devices in production.

Hardware Issues: As we all know, technology changes faster than we can really keep up with. Unfortunately, this means that computing equipment becomes dated quickly. New types of security threats are found and protections are added, new program stability is added, new communications modes mean new devices, ports and software requirements. In addition, older computers become overrun with software applications, from intentional downloads to spyware and malware. Programming conflicts and data and programmatic corruption occur.

Software Issues: Out of date software is subject to some of the same issues as hardware and installing the latest software updates is part of best practice security. Many integration, printing, conflict and operational issues are solved by installing the latest software upgrade.

ERGOS can help you:

  • Ensure that all your technology is current and under warranty
  • Modernize your systems to improve performance and reliability
  • Consolidate servers to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance needs
  • Keep up with software upgrades and licensing
  • Provide Cloud IT solutions to get you out of the infrastructure hardware and software business!

Running your business on dated, slow, and potentially unreliable hardware is a costly and risky mistake. For new approaches and IT services Houston, IT services Dallas, IT services Austin, IT Services Dubai, VMware and Cloud IT solutions Contact ERGOS today!