Aging Technology

Have your servers, workstations, and other devices been around too long? These systems “age” rapidly in several ways, however it is difficult to afford the costs associated with keeping hardware, software and other technology up to date. Yet we know it is more cost effective to have fast, reliable systems than to keep older devices in production.


Are you in the public sector? Is your company publicly traded? ERGOS has extensive experience with designing, implementing, and maintaining computer networks – simple to very complex. We can review your compliance requirements with you and make sure that your systems are up to speed.

Cost Management

ERGOS simplifies technology by bringing a business owner’s perspective to our IT services. Our Managed IT Services include Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™ and network infrastructure projects. Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™ allows you to control and budget your monthly IT services costs while we keep your systems efficient and running without problems so you can focus on your business. Our wide array of IT solutions creates reliable, scalable, secure and stable networks that do not have lingering issues and ensure a Quiet User Experience™.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Be Prepared! A business’s capability to respond to, and recover after, a disaster can be the difference between a company that survives a catastrophe and one that becomes a casualty of it. From hardware failure to a natural disaster, ERGOS’ Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solutions help reduce the risk and impact a disaster could have on your company. In addition, if you are on our hosted VoIP Ephone solution, you can use your office phones from any location with Internet connectivity.


Our engineers have the expertise to help you deploy, manage or migrate to the world’s leading e-mail platform. Microsoft Exchange can also be configured to work with today’s smart phones including Blackberry*, iPhone and Android based phones. We also offer hosted cloud based email solutions that provide lower long term costs and super accessibility.

Cloud IT Solutions

Access your company applications as if you were right there in the office at your desk. All you need is a computer with access to the internet and you are ready to work. We provide the latest in Cloud IT, Cloud computing solutions with unmatched infrastructure. No more infrastructure hardware or software purchases, unparalleled reliability and anytime anywhere access.

ERGOS provides IT services Houston, IT services Dallas, IT services Austin, VMware and Cloud IT solutions to meet the challenges of your business. Contact Us today.