ERGOS Technology has earned its reputation as the premier provider of managed IT services and Cloud IT solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses (SMBs) by adhering closely to our mission: Create Raving Clients!

Providing exceptional IT services through its team of 80+ engineers and consultants, ERGOS has a world-class infrastructure to support its clients quickly and efficiently. We provide IT services Houston, IT services Austin, IT services Dallas and IT services Dubai and soon to open in London. We also offer first class cloud IT and cloud computing solutions through our top ranked data center and outstanding cloud infrastructure. For help with your business issues, Contact ERGOS today.


What We Say

To be the leading solution provider for small and medium businesses. How? Create Raving Clients!

What Customers Say

“ERGOS has done a great job in streamlining and managing our network. They certainly are doing a much better job of it than we did on our own or with our previous vendor. Downtime is a problem of the past. Our network is fast, well-organized and efficient. A huge improvement overall.”

-Bruce Whitaker, President, The Whitaker Companies