Legal IT – Integration

All kinds of legal software, a plethora of wireless devices – tablets, Galaxy III, iPhone5, scanned documents, emails, misplaced documents, different types of cases, matter numbers, client numbers, contact and client data – does it all work together? Can it all work together efficiently?

ERGOS provides not “service technicians” but technology consulting services, with consultants deeply experiences in legal firm IT support.

We can provide the integration services you need around:

  • Document workflow – document scanning, email, storage, recovery, mailing – all integrated
  • Shared client matter data – avoid reentering client data causing errors, redundant effort, waste
  • Integrate the devices you need to your network data seamlessly, smoothly reliably
  • Tie scanning and document management systems together
  • Provide printing, copying and scanning solutions that scale to your needs
  • Integrate your legal solutions software so everything plays together
  • Cloud IT, Cloud computing solutions – bring it all together vitually

We provide consulting services to integrate your office systems providing the systems legal solutions you need. We provide legal IT answers!

If you need help with integration of your devices, legal software and systems plus outstanding system reliability and support when you need it, ERGOS Technology stands ready to help.

Call us at 877-993-7467, in Houston directly at 713-621-9220 or Contact Us for more information on legal IT support and consulting, IT services Houston, IT services Dallas. IT services Austin or Cloud IT solutions.