Tweet Out Loud – Using Social Media for Search Engine Optimization

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Twitter isn’t just for celebrities and big corporations – small businesses have their place in the Twitter-verse too.

When it comes to search engine optimization, SEO, Twitter is a great platform for sharing unique, keyword-focused content. When you add an interesting content page to your website (which is one of the pillars of search engine optimization), you can also send out a tweet about it. When you “tweet” or send a message with a link back to your new, interesting website content, you’re sending out a back link to your followers!

Twitter is the ultimate in instant communication. Twitter allows you the opportunity to interact directly with your customers and to follow and hear what they are saying about your business. By building a community of Twitter followers, and sharing interesting information, you can increase your online presence which, ultimately, helps in your search engine optimization efforts.

Twitter and other social media is about the user or the customer. It is about getting to know them and building relationships with them. Remember – Once you establish relationships, sales will follow.

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