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Social media networks are a large part of internet culture and “staying with the times”. In today’s world, people love to be social online and they expect the businesses they work with to be there too.

A social media and Facebook presence can be extremely beneficial to your search engine optimization, SEO, efforts. Facebook is a great weapon to use in the SEO battle because of the viral nature of social media. You can share information and content relating to your business with your Facebook friends or “Likes” and they, in turn, can share with their friends and so on.

Back link away! – A great strategy for using your Facebook to enhance your search engine rankings is to provide links from your Facebook business page to your website. You showcase your website AND build back links to it at the same time!

Write “share-able” content – Another important thing to keep in mind is content. You want to share keyword-focused and interesting content with your Facebook friends. When you give people something exciting to read, they’re more likely to “Like” it or share it with friends – thus, helping your search engine optimization, SEO, campaign.

Facebook and other social media is all about establishing a relationship with the customer – getting to know them on a more personal level so that you can understand what they want and need from your business. Remember – Once you establish relationships, sales will follow.

When viewed as a part of your overall search engine optimization and website marketing plan, Facebook can help in search engine optimization, SEO, efforts. To discuss SEO services for your website, give us a call TOLL FREE at 877-99-ERGOS or email us – Our search engine optimization, SEO, consultants would be happy to speak with you!