Why is new content so important?

When Google and other search engines scan the internet for websites relating to certain search terms, the first thing they look for is the website’s content. What information is displayed on the website and it’s web pages?

In order to make a positive impact in terms of search engine optimization, SEO, website content needs to be keyword-focused and new content should be added regularly.

New website content allows you to add more keyword-rich information to your site. Plus, the more content you have, the more that Google and other search engines have to look for. A dense website – one with many, keyword-focused web pages, is likely to attract more attention from search engines.

What makes a good content page?

In terms of search engine optimization, SEO, a good content page or web page, is one that is informative, relevant and keyword-focused.

Content pages are a weapon in the battle for search engine optimization. You can have great information on your site, but if it is not focused toward your chosen keywords – it won’t help you search engine optimization efforts.

A great content page can be anything – a white paper, blog post, web page, e-book, whatever!

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