ERGOS Technology stands out from the pack – we offer powerful IT solutions for any managed IT needs in Houston and its surrounding areas. Instead of waiting until something is broken, these solutions proactively meet our client’s needs day in and day out.

Here at ERGOS we simplify technology, rather than of making it more complex, by using the perspective of a business owner in our IT service work. We use a Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™ pricing model for our Managed IT Services. These services could be something like a network infrastructure project led by our experienced project support teams. Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™ creates the ability to accurately control and predict your monthly IT services costs while we make your network both more efficient and reliable. We believe you should stop worrying about your systems breaking or slowing down and focus on growing your business instead.

We Understand the IT  Issues You Face Every Day

Having computers freeze up or dealing with a slow network can be frustrating, we know. If your technology is outdated, poorly integrated with your other systems, or your IT service vendor is giving you slow service, these problems will just keep happening. Not only do we understand exactly what you’re going through; we resolve your issues faster than anyone else.

Managed IT Services PLUS Cloud Solutions

We at ERGOS offer the best of managed IT services in Houston and state of the art Cloud IT services in Houston with transparent, fixed fees. With top of the line data center facilities and cutting edge infrastructure, we provide the best in Cloud IT solutions to date.

“ERGOS is always very helpful and takes the time to solve any issue Tornier Inc. may have. Their service team really does a nice job and I know they can be counted on no matter what the issue might be.”

-Matt Monarski, Marketing Director, Tornier Inc.


Managed IT Services Includes:

  • Flat-Fee Worry-Free IT™
  • Technology Assessment
  • Tailored Service Level Agreements
  • Server Installations, Migrations, Upgrades
  • Remote & Onsite Support
  • Desktop and Server Support
  • Remote Access Options
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Wireless Network Support
  • Spam Filtering, Content Filtering
  • AntiVirus, Spyware Removal
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plans
  • Dedicated Server Hosting Plans



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