Cloud computing generally refers to the offsite computing and storage of data with applications running on a virtual server in a secure data center. Its no secret anymore –  cloud IT saves money and makes companies vastly more efficient. Cloud computing is growing and becoming more powerful everyday and we’re seeing a large number of clients taking advantage of it.

ERGOS’ dynamically scalable and virtualized cloud IT infrastructure give your company everything it needs to take advantage of the cloud. We offer the best Dallas Cloud IT Services and change them to meed the needs of your company with a robust, powerfule, fully-integrated system that is 100% based over a web platform.

“ERGOS seamlessly transitioned Apollo to the cloud with virtually no disruption to our day-to-day operations. We are confident knowing our data is safe and secure with the ERGOS Cloud solution.”

-Mike Eyre, Founder/CEO, Apollo Sales & Marketing Group


Reduce Costs

The ERGOS cloud hosts and maintains your critical business applications while holding the data you need without the extravagant costs of new hardware. Updating antiquated software and hardware can quickly become expensive, but costs can be mitigated with the ERGOS cloud. We help you upgrade your business processes without the extraneous expenses you may not ever even need.


Safe and Secure

We act proactively and back up your data both locally and offsite in two different geographical locations to completely ensure that your data is safe and secure in the event of a disaster and can always be completely recovered.


Access Files from Anywhere

You can access the cloud data from anywhere, at any time. Any PC, Mobile device, or Thin Client with an internet connection can do this. Being able to offer your employees a virtual office anywhere they improves productivity.


Disaster Recovery Plan

We allow you to always be prepared. Even if a disaster does occur in your systems, our backup plans have got you covered. Just use your internet connection and you can avoid downtime in your company even if your employees are out of office.


Hassle Free Maintenance

ERGOS cloud services gives you back your focus. We keep your hardware and software updated and running smoothly. With our proactive services, we remove the need to worry about server maintenance or software updates. ERGOS has cloud IT and managed IT services offices in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Dubai – Contact Us Today to help with your cloud computing solutions.



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