Pasadena IT Backup And Disaster


Looking for an IT company with experience in Pasadena, TX? Welcome to the home for effective Pasadena IT recovery services for small and medium-size businesses. We are ERGOS, and our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians wants to make sure you are never in a position to permanently lose vital information for your business.

The right backup and disaster recovery services in Pasadena TX are infinitely important to your operation. With nearly all information being stored electronically these days, you simply need the right strategy when it comes to Pasadena IT backup services.

ERGOS fills this need, plus many other IT services that are important to operating an efficient business. We offer secure, efficient and affordable IT disaster recovery services in Pasadena TX that include:

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Secure remote backup
  • Archiving
  • And more

With our Pasadena IT recovery services, you get the benefit of working with experienced technicians that are utilizing industry-leading technology and solutions. This should provide you with the peace of mind knowing that, no matter what kind of disaster befalls your network, that your information is never lost for good.


Local, reliable backup and disaster recovery services in Pasadena TX

ERGOS has offered Pasadena IT backup and disaster recovery services for decades. It’s one of the cornerstone services to our operation. On top of that, we specifically work with small businesses, designing a service and solutions that address their unique needs.

We know the common issues and potential disasters that small businesses face and how to help them back-up their data in preparation for any disaster. We have designed a system that allows for quick recovery, providing you with the peace of mind that not even a technological disaster will stall your company’s productivity.

Sit down with the team at ERGOS and tell us about your IT needs. Our services go beyond Pasadena IT recovery services. We offer a full suite of services that can bring efficiency to your IT infrastructure.