As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialists, ERGOS has demonstrated exceptional IT services and IT consulting skills. In addition, we are partners with Dell, HP, SonicWALL, Symantec, and we are members of Ingram Micro’s Service Network which enables us to provide services throughout the U.S. With ERGOS’ three divisions, Managed Services, Cloud IT Solutions and Business Solutions, we can address all of your IT services needs in Houston, Dallas, Austin and Dubai.

ERGOS continually seeks out and cultivates technology partnerships with organizations whose products deliver value. These partnerships allow us to provide the right technology solution that delivers the best efficiencies to our clients.

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For almost 20 years now, ERGOS has been putting our IT specialists to work helping business in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dubai to build The most cost effective and efficient IT infrastructure possible. We firmly believe managers should not be putting out fires but instead should focus on growing their business.

At ERGOS, we focus on providing proactive solutions to prevent systems from going down instead of trying to fix them once they’ve fallen apart.

And since 1997, we’ve created a vast wealth of information from which we can draw experience from to help each of our clients whenever they need. From managed IT service to cloud computing and becoming a technology partner, we always raise the bar for excellence no matter where we’re located.

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