Midland IT Backup And Disaster Recovery Services

Before disaster strikes, you need Midland IT backup services you can trust. Nobody wants disaster to destroy their business, but with no disaster plan set in place, total destruction is what can happen. Having Midland IT disaster recovery services by ERGOS could mean the difference between your business continuing or you filing bankruptcy.

What’s wrong with onsite backup?

If your business is still storing your backup files on-site, you could be setting yourself up for total loss. With just a small fire, theft, broken pipe, or natural disaster, your business could be thrown into disarray. With IT backup services in Midland TX provided by ERGOS, your important information will be stored offsite, and in multiple formats.

Automatic backups

Let’s face it. With the stress and responsibility of running your business, you don’t have the time nor brain space, to think about backing up your data. ERGOS’ Midland IT backup services can set your files to backup automatically, removing the fear of loss because you didn’t remember to back it up.

Multiple backups

Our backup system allows for the files to be stored in three separate locations: onsite, as well as two different storage centers located in two separate areas of the country. This makes our IT disaster recovery services in Midland TX more reliable while making your files more secure.

Some might feel that this method of Midland IT backup and disaster recovery services is not safe or secure. On the contrary it ensures that if disaster hits in one area, your data is still accessible from another. All of our centers are secured and monitored, meaning your important files are safe in our hands.
Access files on the go

If disaster strikes your office, and causes you to move locations, our Midland IT disaster recovery services will allow you to access your files from any location that has internet access. This means that you don’t have to put your business on hold while you rebuild your physical location.

The truth is, no one plans to lose everything, but not having a plan in place can destroy your business. With Midland IT backup services from ERGOS, that doesn’t have to happen. Find out today how we can secure your business for the long run.