Why Managed IT Services Have Become Prevalent in 2016


The face of the IT world is changing.  Small and medium businesses are now looking to managed service providers for IT solutions more than ever before. As of two years ago, studies found that MSP’s were only adopted by about 30% of organizations. Now, over 66% of organizations say that they have outsourced their IT in the last year.

Initially, this phenomenon of increased adoption began simply due to companies becoming more familiar with what a managed service provider actually is.

But in 2016, more businesses are not only grasping what MSP’s are, but what they’re capable of.

IT looking to MSP’s for the solution

Virtually every business today is looking to keep costs down but struggle with managing internal IT experts who are both affordable and efficient. Business owners often try to cut costs on their internal IT team but this only leads to suffering down time, reporting software glitches, and not having the man power to prevent security breaches.

Thus, they need a team of IT specialists that can work on their behalf and provide quality managed security services to them. MSP’s help businesses in many ways, but here is some feedback we commonly hear from those that have tried outsourcing parts of their internal IT work.


MSP’s commonly-

  1. Increase predictability for both workflow and budget

Because MSP’s set a monthly payment contract, budgeting becomes easier and more predictable. Additionally, weekly or monthly meetings create certainty in the work to be delivered by IT teams.

  1. Create efficient resource allocation

Understaffing leads to constant IT issues while on the other hand, having idle IT staff wastes huge company dollars. Managed IT services allocate the best IT talent, as per the company requirements, for much less than the traditional internal team while being able to compliment an already existing team.

  1. Cut the capital expenditure budget

With monthly billing, companies can move their employee budgets from capital expenditure to operational expenditure while paying less overall for IT support.

  1. Scale with the company investment

Not 100% sure what your company needs in IT? Feel like your company may be either over-investing or under-investing? MSP’s scale because they adjust their services as per your business requirements.

  1. Stay updated with modern technology

We’ve seen a vast revolution in technology over the last year. New mission-critical technologies are emerging more often now than ever before, and managed service providers never stop learning.

  1. Scale with any plans to expand

Whether you’re relocating or planning a new brand extension, MSP’s cover all new areas of your business and grow with you.

  1. Work more efficiently along with company experts

Outsourcing IT services allow companies to remove the responsibility of constantly managing an internal IT team. Quality managed service providers have instant access to the most talented specialists and do the staffing for you.

  1. Seamlessly integrate with any acquisitions

Acquiring a new company comes with its own set of challenges, but managed services aren’t one of them. Because MSP’s need minimal management and because of their scalability, they change with your brand.

  1. Benefit customer service through applications

Your customers expect the best from the applications/software they use from your brand. MSP’s allow you to put your best face forward with zero downtime and modern programs.

  1. Relieve distractions so focus can be put on the core mission

By removing the efforts and hours spent on fixing IT problems, managed services allow you to focus on mission-critical objectives. Business owners don’t think they should spend their time on damage control and neither do we.

Key Takeaways

Trying to take on the world is not always the wisest plan for small to medium business and often, it isn’t even feasible. But modern companies don’t have to go at it alone any longer. Outsourced IT is more refined and cost-effective than ever. Find out more about what we do and how we do it here.



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