Legal IT

Is there a more efficient, more cost effective way to deal with the hassle of IT complexity – servers, a firewall, PCs, tablets and databases, viruses and backup worries?

Can we just practice law?

The Cloud can be the answer you are looking for.

“The Cloud” – sounds a bit like magic – white smoke and mirrors, but it is really a quite simple, totally reliable, legal business solution. In the cloud, your computing power is maintained by us at a safe and secure data center.

You simply use the internet to access your computer applications from our central servers.
There is less cost, no new servers to budget for and you will have more reliable systems – ready whenever you need them.

With the many specialized software applications of a legal firm, there are systems conflicts, lockups, and conflicts. With the tested and maintained cloud environment, most of these issues go away.

ERGOS has many law firm clients in the cloud and their satisfaction level is extremely high.

As part of our specialized law firm technology solutions, we provide legal software support and systems integration. We understand legal IT needs and we can meet those needs in the Cloud if it is a fit for you!

The Legal Cloud provides: access from anywhere, reduces costs and is safe and secure with seamlessly built in backup and disaster recovery.

If you would like to know more about Cloud solutions to your legal IT needs, ERGOS Technology has the experience and legal IT solution expertise and we stand ready to help.

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