Firms that live and breath documents realize the need for management of those documents. You want to find the document you need right now – not after searching forever! A powerful document management software package can make effortless document management possible.

Do you Need Document Management?

If your organization spends a lot of time and effort storing, tracking, locating, securing, filing and retrieving documents, document management may well provide a strong ROI for you!

What Does Document Management do?

Document management provides a custom, structured, categorization for all of your documents. “Document Profiling” is at the heart of document management. Add a powerful indexed search, deep integration with Word, Excel, Word Perfect, scanning and shortcuts and you have the heart of document management.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server provide document management solutions for the right applications. We can help you evaluate and implement SharePoint solutions that are right for your firm.

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