Cloud Services, Cloud computing, “The Cloud”, it all refers to a managed offsite data center accessed over the internet, that uses central virtual servers to host your applications and maintain your data – all much more reliably than using onsite hardware and onsite software and onsite maintenance!

Plus, Cloud Computing provides significant long term savings:

Server Hardware Savings

Cloud Services eliminate server purchase or replacement costs, server warranty fees, separate server maintenance cost and update costs. No more server “crash” recovery costs.

Software Savings

With Cloud Services there are no more wasted licensing fees or software updates for infrastructure software. ERGOS provides what you need and only what you need.

Overhead Expense Savings

You will reduce AC and electricity costs

Space, Rent Savings

No wasted space for server hardware – utilize all of your office space.

Reduce Desktop Upgrade Costs

Desktop computing is far less with all of your IT services in the cloud so that desktop maintenance is much reduced and desktop upgrades can be less frequent.

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