Cloud IT and Cloud Computing Definitions

As the fastest growing offering of our managed IT services for our clients in Houston, Dallas, Austin and across Texas, and also now Dubai, ERGOS offers cloud IT, cloud computing solutions.

There are a number of possibly confusing terms related to cloud computing services. To help make sense of it all, we offer the following definitions:



Cloud IT

Using the Cloud, a managed offsite data center accessed over the Internet, to host applications and store data, providing remote IT services.


Cloud Backup, Remote BackupRefers to using remotely located storage devices to maintain backup copies of data.
This can be operational, application data only – as documents and, or database data, etc. or it can be setup as “images” of systems that will allow recovery of operational systems with the associated data.Colocation or Colo

This term generally refers to a company having their own physical equipment hosted in the cloud – that is placed and operational at the remote data center. There are certain heightened security or operational issues that can require a completely separate, company owned server and possibly associated equipment
in the cloud.

Cloud Computing

This term refers to utilizing the cloud to perform various IT computing operations. The scope can be limited
to a particular application, or it can cover all of a company’s IT operations.

Hosted IT

“Hosting” here refers to the use of central servers in the cloud to host the IT services of a company.

Cloud Based Application

By use of the word “application”, this term generally refers to a specific application that is run in the cloud. This might be a CRM system, an accounting application, a document management system, or other operational system users access over the internet at a remote location on a central server.

The ERGOS Cloud Solution

While ERGOS can work flexibly with clients to provide various cloud services from backup to colocation, our primary cloud solution involves a comprehensive approach that allows a company to move virtually all of their IT operations to the cloud. ERGOS experts will evaluate each of your
applications and data repositories and determine if, and how, we can move your network to the cloud.
We will remove hardware, network software, systems maintenance, backups, firewalls, space issues and power costs from your list of things to worry about!


You will never have to worry about server maintenance or infrastructure software updates again when you outsource your IT to the ERGOS cloud solution. ERGOS has cloud IT, managed IT services offices in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Dubai – contact us today for help with your cloud computing solutions.