The key infrastructure element of cloud computing, cloud services or hosted IT is the DATA CENTER.
ERGOS is a leader in cloud computing services and our cloud offering is in a first class data center with the following features:


  •  Our data facilities meet SAS 70 Type II along with PCI DSS standards

Physical Security/Monitoring

  • Hardened facility, integrated security card access
  • Video surveillance (inside/outside facility)
  • 24×7 Onsite Personnel
  • Dedicated Fiber Room
  • Integrated life safety and facility engineering systems with centralized monitoring, enhanced operational supervision and accelerated response to monitor alarms
  • Protected by a pre-action sprinkler system using VESDA

Client Security/Data Safety

  • Active connections to the Cloud are encrypted using 128/2,048 bit SSL encryption
  • Ethical wall between client networks that is enforced by firewall stack, switch stack, virtual switch, and Windows environment
  • Data is protected using Active Directory security groups, encryption of replicated and backup data, and password protection to centralized ticketing system
  • Client passwords are stored in private centralized password manager with access logging
  • Incoming and outgoing email traverses MX Logic-based spam/virus filtration system
  • Data replication to offsite facility; occurs throughout the day over private link to ERGOS-owned equipment (optional service)
  • Nightly backup
  • Perimeter security enforcement provided by redundant equipment
  • Dedicated Infrastructure team monitors and administers perimeter security


  • Multiple systems are used to monitor system availability, logging of access to core network equipment and server cluster, system stability, performance, and utilization
  • Monthly audits performed on each client’s environment to verify security, functionality, and backups

ERGOS is the answer for cloud computing, cloud IT, hosted IT needs. For IT services Houston, IT services Dallas, IT services Austin or anywhere, anytime Cloud solutions, Contact Us at ERGOS Technology.