Topic: ClickProtect
Vendor: McAfee/SpamSoap/Nuvotera
Purpose: Informative.
Overview: McAfee ClickProtect is one of the features included in our most recent release. It significantly changes and improves the prior version by including scan-time and click-time protection. When ClickProtect is enabled, emails are scanned for URL reputation by our McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) network once when the email is filtered, and again when the user clicks a link. This unique feature protects users from any changes in reputation.

Even the savviest users can be duped into entering information based on a targeted phishing email. Often phishing emails are sent to a small number of users in order to avoid detection. This is why protection at click-time is so important. The new ClickProtect shows the user the unmasked web address, so that they can be confident that they are going to the page they thought they were. You can also enable a preview of the web page for an extra layer of protection. The product allows you to determine what action to take based on the threat level of the URL and allow known safe URLs.

Reference: Overview:…e-clickprotect
Sample Link:…I4dAhwrjvdGSWq