Hosted Exchange & The Cloud (Ooooh)

“The Cloud”.  The newest buzzword with all the hype in the computer and IT world.  In the next couple of posts we’ll be discussing The Cloud – what is it?  Should you use it?  Is it here to stay?  We’ll tell you everything you need to know to be an expert Cloudling – but for now, Hosted Exchange!

We have fewer clients all the time who are using Microsoft Exchange hosted on their own servers. More and more clients are using hosted Exchange with “cloud computing”. A number of our clients are using AppRiver which has been an excellent provider of hosted Exchange services. Now Microsoft is offering hosted Exchange for a lower price than AppRiver.  Also Microsoft is about to release Office 365 a hosted Outlook Exchange, Office and SharePoint cloud computing service bundle.

For a low rate per user per month you can get these full services. We will be monitoring these Microsoft services for recommendations to our clients. Windows cloud is a reality.