Technology Bytes – Online

Welcome to the new ERGOS IT Technology blog. We will use this blog to discuss IT technology, security, IT support and IT services and other related topics. As many blogs do it will surely meander and hopefully find a niche of usefulness to our ERGOS clients and those seeking IT answers and insights. This will not be a release point for cutting edge technology or research. It will be more of an attempt to be an interface to common concerns and questions about technology and a place to post comments / questions about IT systems and technology.

We have started a blog on our web site in part as a demonstration of Web 2.0 technology. To this extent, the world may not need another technology blog, but it can demonstrate to our clients some of the uses of a blog. We have also started the blog as a promotional tool for our ERGOS web site. A blog is one of the many many elements in the web site marketing tool bag to build traffic – through it’s own value and also through the keywords and IT services content that makes up the blog. To this extent, this use demonstrates to clients and prospects a web site marketing feature that we can help with on their websites.

Finally, the blog will be an interface between technology and users. Many technology concepts that seem simple to technical folks are not at all simple or clear to those who need to purchase, implement or use the technology. As we go along, I hope this blog can help interpret and clarify some IT functionality, use of technology, etc. Please comment if there are topics you would like to see covered or questions you have.